If you only had 2-hours per day, what would you work on?

If a doctor said you’d die if you didn’t cut your working hours back to 2-hours per day, what would you change?

Not a fan of doctors?

What if there was a gun to head, only allowing you to work for 2-hours per day, what would you change?

If you’ve read The Four-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris, you’re familiar with this concept, if not, it’s worth thinking about.

What are the actions you could take to produce the most results?

What are the actions which are filling up the to do list with no real benefits other than being extra check boxes on the end of the list?

I’m high on openness (shiny object syndrome) so it’s easy for me to add extra things to the list. But the reality is, there’s only enough time to do a few things well.

Earlier in the year, I was diagnosed with Ross River Fever. The symptoms are chronic fatigue and achy joints. There’s no cure, it apparently goes away with time, 6-9 months according to my research. I asked the doctor, what’s the protocol?


I told him what I do. Work full-time (at the time), run my business on the weekends/evenings, exercise and move every day.

“That’s too much.”

He was right. I had to rest. My joints were sore and I’d get home at 5 pm and collapse in an unexplained heap. The diagnosis was a blessing in disguise. A hint from the universe I had to cut some things out.

I’m slowly getting better at it. The disciplined pursuit of less.

The 2-hour concept is something I’ve kept in mind the last few days.

Asking myself, “If I could only work on one thing, what would it be?”

It’s a hard question but it’s worth answering.


Because in order to do a few things well, you have to only do a few things.