31,967 steps

That’s how far we walked today.

I’m in New York City with my god father Damien.

We didn’t have any goals, only to explore this beast of a city.

We finished up doing about 18km on foot and 10km on the Citibikes.

We finished the night by watching Notorious, a documentary detailing the rise of Conor McGregor.

If you haven’t yet, you should watch it. Inspiring is an understatement.

The combination of the documentary and walking around the city today filled my mind with possibilities.

This city shows what can be achieved when people get together to build something. Sure, it has its imperfections but that’s what makes the good parts even better.

Conor is the same. His record isn’t perfect. He’s had some professional loses. But they only make his story better.

He started out dirt poor but with a vision and a couple hundred years ago, New York was the same.

It’s reminded me how powerful a belief in yourself can be.

And if you know where your belief is, all you have to do is walk towards it. One step at a time.