Nutrition and Investing

8-week plans are like get rich quick schemes.

They might work in the short term but fall apart soon after.

Diets are like different kinds of investing.

Vegan, paleo, keto, vegetarian. Stock investing, real estate, education.

They all work. But for some better than others.

I have no interest in real estate but I love stocks and learning. So I devote my time there.

And I like eggs for breakfast so a vegan diet is off the cards.

Treat your nutrition plan like your investment plan. Long-term.

You may lose 10kg in 8-weeks but how long will you keep it off for?

That 5-year stretch of binge eating is like that 5-year car loan you can’t afford — unnecessary.

When it comes to buying quality food, put your money your mouth is.

Trade wealth for health but never the other way round.

This post first appeared on LinkedIn, I post there quite often too.