The Child’s Mind

I sat next to Jake on the way from New York to LA.

He was 7 and had been on a jet plane before. But still very excited to fly. 

We had 6-hours together. I was on the window seat and he was in the middle.

Every hour or so he asked me to open the window so he could look out.

Each time he reacted the same. 


He was excited to see what was out there.

Then there was another plane close to us.

‘Check that out,’ I said, ‘can you see the other plane?’  

‘We’re in a race!’

 ’I bet we win.’

And we did.

The pilot pulled off one of the smoothest landings ever.

’We made it!’ Jake said. 

 ’We did.’

I smiled back and waited til everyone else got off the plane to get my stuff. That way it was a clear run down the aisle. 

I want to say ‘woah’ to more things like Jake did.

The child’s mind is a beautiful thing. Everything gets approached with a sense of awe. Everything treated as a new adventure. There’s always something to learn.

When things get a little boring or hard, it helps to remind yourself to look at it through the eyes of child. Woah.