Travelling Light

I arrived at LAX this morning. I’ve been in the US for the past 26 days. And it’s time to head home.

‘What bags do you need to check in?’ she asked.



‘Yeah, this is all I have.’

She pointed me to the gates.

My bag has about 12 things in it. A laptop, an iPad, a few shirts, pants, some underwear.

I left the pair of jeans I had in a hostel in San Francisco. So I bought another pair a week later. I’m wearing them now.

‘I brought way to much shit,’ my god father said, ‘I haven’t even worn half of this.’

Other people I’ve met have had the same reaction. Too much stuff.

The main perk of travelling light is less things to worry about.

I packed up and checked out of the hostel this morning in 10-minutes.

Only the things that matter are on me. If I see something I want to buy, I don’t get it. Because I can’t fit it in.

I pack light not only to get through the airport quicker but to remind myself. Less things. Better things. 

Less but better.

If you want to be great at something focus on less. Use your time to improve on what you’re pretty good at.

Treat your calendar like your carry-on. Essentials only.