When was your last software update?

‘Can you clean out my Mac and update it?’ I asked.

‘Sure, would you like the latest software?’

‘Yeah, macOS Mojave, right?’

‘Moh-ha-ve,’ she corrected me.

Apple released a number of new software updates over the past few weeks.

iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. I pronounce it Mo-jave but apparently it’s Moh-ha-ve.

‘Are you sure you want to delete everything?’


She wiped my computer clean. Then started to load the new software on there.

The screen said 4-minutes left.

‘It’ll probably take longer than that,’ she said, ‘I’ll be back soon.’


I sat and watched it update. It took longer than 4-minutes.

Soon enough the new software was on and my Mac had an upgraded way of thinking.

The same thing will happen next year. And the year after.

But how often do we do it with ourselves?

Upgrade the software of our minds. Or improve our way of thinking.

This year’s update from Apple isn’t major. Nor is it required. But we do it anyway.

My devices were working fine with the old software. So why change?

Because, even the smallest of changes add up overtime. This time, I decided to delete everything and start with a clean slate.

You can’t do that with your mind. But you can make the little changes you’ve been thinking about.

And then do the same next year.

And soon enough, you'll start to look at things differently.

old mac vs new.png