“I’m bored”

You’re not bored.

You’re not moving forward.

There’s plenty to do.

You know what needs to be done.

And if you don’t, being bored is good.

Being bored opens up space to think.

To think about what you’re next move should be.

Don’t try and fill the void, embrace it. Slack off for a minute. But get back to the mission.

Still stuck?

Here’s a goal for you.

Find a topic. It can be anything you want.

Different brands of cheese graters, the history of top hats.


And learn enough about it you could do a 30-minute talk on it.



Now you have something to talk about the next time you meet someone.

Why this goal?

Because anyone who can talk for 30-minutes on a single topic is interesting. No matter what the topic.

No one ever forgets cheese grater guy.