'What's the one thing you'd do over again?'

I get asked often what's the one machine learning course I'd take over again.

'What's the one fitness habit you'd do again?'

'What’s the one thing I can do….?'

There is no one thing.

Even if there was, there would be no point doing it because everyone else would be doing it.

You're capable of making the change you want to see in the world.

Whatever it is. Bettering yourself, learning a new skill, travelling to that place.

The only real gatekeeper is the one in your head. The one who decides to listen to the naysayers.

But the catch is, you're also your biggest naysayer.

Now you know this. You don't have to be. Not anymore.

The one thing I'd do over again is starting sooner. Starting my own learning journey. Starting my own creative studio. Starting to share my work. All sooner.