Don't break the chain

Don't try writing a book in one go. Write every day instead. Become a writer.

Don't expect to be the best data scientist after one course. Learn a little bit each day. And become a consistent scholar instead.

Don't exercise for one day and expect to have a strong physique. Move your body up and down, side to side, back and forward. And do it often. Become a movement practitioner.

The best results don't come on the first try. Or the 47th. Or even the 147th.

There's no right number. Consistency doesn't have a number.

If you want to improve your consistency, take a calendar and place it on your wall. Every day you do the thing you want to improve upon, place an X on the date.

If you miss a day, it doesn't get an X.

In the beginning, there will be a few gaps. You'll do one day. Then miss the next.

Then you'll get 2 days in a row but miss the third.

If you miss a day, start again.

If you miss a day, start again.

That's okay. Start it back up. And once you get a streak going, don't break the chain.

I started blogging every day since September 1, 2018. Today is day 105. 105 X's.

All I have to do is to not break the chain.


PS. To help me, I put this on my wall. You can get your own version here.