A simple (but hard) way to build confidence

You’ve been there before. You’re doing something new and it seems the people around you are all experts.

They all seem so confident in their abilities, yet you’re the opposite.

You don’t have the skills they do. Of course not. You just started.

If you want to become more confident in yourself, work on getting good at something.

It doesn’t matter what it is. Choose something and get better at it.

As your skill improves (it won’t be easy) your confidence in whatever you choose will grow.

‘But what’s the point in being confident in only one thing?’

The point of getting good at something isn’t necessarily the thing itself. It’s the process of being bad at something and working to improve at it. The process is what you’re after.

Once you’ve been through it before, you can apply the same principles to something else. Suddenly, the room full of experts becomes another opportunity to learn.

So you’re good at playing guitar?

Were you always like that? Or did you spend hundreds of hours being bad as a kid before you started to improve?

And if you’ve never had the feeling of being good at something, now’s the time to write down what it is you want to improve at. And then on the line below, make sure to remind yourself, ‘getting good at this will be hard, but it will be worth it.’