What you should do with your spare time (to greatly improve your life)

You know the basics. The basics are easy.

  • Stay healthy

  • Stay hungry (for knowledge)

  • Avoid excess social media

  • Rest

  • Meditate

  • Take a yoga class

All the things you always see in a top 10 list. Take care of these all you’ll be in a good place.

But what else?

These are the things you’re scared to talk about with others. The thoughts that go through your head when you’re in bed.

Where does all this fear come from?

Tribe mentality.


7547 years ago, Johnny was part of a tribe. They hunted their own food and gathered what they needed.

Everyone had a role. Og collected the wood. Pog went out for berries.

One day Johnny decided to try something different. Instead of starting the fire, he went tree climbing to look for eggs.

When Johnny got back to the camp, the others weren’t happy.

No fire. No food. It was Johnny’s role to get the fire started. And we can all relate to how we feel after a night without dinner.

As Johnny walked back into camp, Tog put a spear through his chest. The tribe didn’t have room for outliers.

Fast forward to now and tribe mentality is still a thing. It’s ingrained in your biology.

Modern tribes don’t often come in the form of groups of spearing wielding individuals anymore. They come in the form of narratives.

You story you tell yourself is the tribe you belong to.

The deepest soul-suck of life begins when the story you tell yourself in your head doesn’t match the person you are in real life.

The good news?

You can work towards fixing this mismatch in your spare time.


Write down your thoughts. What’s holding you back? Most of the time you’ll find out your biggest hurdle is the story you’re holding on to.

Figure this out and your path will become clearer. It won’t be free of obstacles but you’ll be able to see them better.

But don’t confuse this for abandoning your duties to follow the magic trail.

The smart option for Johnny would’ve been to take care of the fire and then climb trees looking for eggs.

Johnny didn’t have a choice to change tribes. Leaving the tribe meant death.

Not anymore.

If your narrative isn’t fitting the one around you, use your spare time to rewrite it.

Photo by  Enoch Appiah Jr.  on  Unsplash

Photo by Enoch Appiah Jr. on Unsplash

Source: https://qr.ae/TUtzqP