It’s my fault

‘It’s my fault. It didn’t go to plan. Here’s how I’m (we’re) going to fix it.’

How many times have you heard someone say this?

Watch the next time someone gets caught in a situation where they might get in trouble. You see it in school children all the time.

Some are quick to push the blame to someone else, while others push it to something else.

‘Sam did it, so he should be the one to clean it up.’

Sure, this is fair when Sam did it, but if you were on Sam’s team would you say the thing?

‘The train didn’t arrive on time, it made me late.’

The train was 5-minutes late. And as is turns out, so were you. You can’t help the train being late. But you can take on the responsibility of what comes next.

It’s a hard thing to do. Stick around those who do it often. And as for those who don’t, the ones who like to blame Sam, help them by setting an example.