The Key To Life

It's simple.


Life is suffering.

Regardless of how you look at it.

Why would some magical force give birth to us as creatures to go through life trying to come to terms with death?

We wake up in the middle of the night, body aching, busting to go to the toilet. Suffering.

As we get older, the one thing that makes us who we are begins to shut down. Memories fade. Thinking gets harder. Suffering.

Work is ingrained in us. Our bodies are cranes by design - muscle in our lower backs, bending knee joints - we were built to work. Work is by definition hard.

Don't even get me started on thinking. Thinking is so hard! Why the hell did I choose to keep going with that project? I knew I should've stopped but I didn't. And why isn't Mark returning my calls? He must not like me!

But when you do really f*cking hard things by your own choice, suddenly everything else seems a little easier.

There are things which still suck but the scale is vastly different. It's hard to complain about having to walk somewhere when your car breaks down if you've run a marathon.

It seems counterintuitive but choose voluntary suffering wherever possible.

Voluntary suffering helps to prepare you for the inevitable chaos of life.