Real artists seek out the resistance

They use it as a signpost. They follow it. It doesn’t matter where it’s pointing. Because it’s always the right direction.

When the resistance to make something shows up, it means you’re doing it right.

It means you’re making art. And art is freedom. Creation is freedom. Freedom for the ideas in your head to be let loose. They don’t like being trapped up there.

Do the thing which might not work. The thing which works is boring. You know what’s going to happen.

The movie ending you’ve seen 47 times is never as exciting as the one you haven’t.

Creating something is that it’s always a gamble. A gamble with the version of what you think something should be and what it turns out to be. And you won’t always win. That’s what makes it fun.

Most people stop early. On the verge of becoming great, they pull out.

‘This isn’t for me anymore.’

‘I’m not where I want to be so I might as well stop.’

These are thoughts of the overnight success. The person who doesn’t know the process never stops. The goal is never reached. The one who doesn’t understand the journey is the goal.

Even those who understand this will have these thoughts. The only difference is they use them for fuel. Fuel to keep going.

‘What if I’m doing this but my work isn’t being received as I wanted?’

Make good art. Make better art. Make more things that might not work.

Real artists seek the thing they’re resisting most and ask it to dance.