A first-principles approach to life

When something isn't going your way in life, what are the first things you think of?

It should be the foundational pillars.


How has your sleep been?

How has your nutrition been?

Have you been moving your body around enough?

Are you getting enough sex?

How’s your mental health?


Who are you spending the most time with?

How have the conversations with yourself been going?

Are you a part of the right tribe?


Are you working towards or on something that excites you?

What's your reason for getting up in the morning?

Are you developing or progressing a skillset?


Do you have enough money for next weeks rent?

Do you really need to get that new thing?

What kind of finances do you need to get towards your next step?

If things aren't going your way, these are the kind of questions you should be asking yourself.

Some will mean more than others at different stages of life. But that doesn't mean they should be disregarded.

Even if you have a great answer for all of them you can still be in a tough spot. If that's the case, don't forget, you're not alone. We're all in this together.

It's hard to build a tall building without a solid foundation. Life is the same.