You can try the hot sauce too

The other day we did a hot sauce challenge at work. There were four sauces.

I joined in. I didn’t really want to eat a cheerio but I did. A single cheerio won’t kill you in the long run. The sauce might though.

I cut the cheerio in half and went straight for the top 2 sauces. People were saying they were the hottest. I didn’t need to waste my time with the entry level sauces.

You had to get the second tier sauce out with a chopstick. It was thick. I lathered the half cheerio up and put it in my half. It was an instant burn. Tolerable but enough to know you were eating something hot.

Then came the hottest one. The others were crying. Their faces were red. I was one of the last to try it.

 ‘It’s hot bro,’ said Ron, ‘real hot.’

The bottle had Ultra Death written on it. When you unwrapped the plastic seel on the lid, a keychain with a human skull fell out. Skulls and Ultra Death, the real deal.

I covered the cheerio. There was a lot of sauce. The colour was like lava flowing through a blackhole. My mouth was still tingling from the last one. So I popped the second half in.

Hiccup. Hiccup. Hiccup. They began immediately. I can’t tell if it was my body rejecting the cheerio or the hot sauce.

My eyes starting leaking. My face began changing colour to match the sauce. This was hottest thing I’d ever eaten. All my senses heightened. I could see sounds.

It felt like there was a charcoaled rodent clawing the back of my throat. I walked over to the tap. I cleaned my hands. That stuff would send someone blind if it went in their eyes. I didn’t want that. I could see sounds.

The burning continued. 10-minutes of pure inferno. Then the burning was less intense but there was still a low level hum throughout my body. ‘I don’t know what you’ve done but we’re staying on high alert for a while,’ it would’ve said.

A few guys went round 2. Ron even lathered up another whole cheerio with the second hottest and hottest. It didn’t end very well. But he won the challenge. You need to go through pain to get the glory. 

What’s the lesson here? If someone else can do the hard thing, you probably can too.