My theme for 2019

Resolutions used to be my thing. One year I did without takeaway food for the whole year. The habit still stands.

This year, instead of a resolution, I'm going to follow a theme and make a promise. Are they the same? Who knows.

My theme for 2019 is Subtract. Any time I'm faced with a hard decision, I'll reflect back to this.

For example, should I start working more hours? No. Subtract. Quantity doesn't equal quality.

And my 2019 promise is to continue publishing a consistent stream of quality work.

How do these come into play?

Subtract comes from one of my favourite sayings, less but better.

Less but better was my resolution/theme/who knows for last year. And I love it so much, it's following through.

Here's the meat of what I'm going to be doing.


  • Instagram

  • Facebook services in general (I never go on Facebook and I'm deleting messenger)


Aside from the consistent bad media stories about the company, I continually started to catch myself scrolling without knowing what I was doing.

If I think about what I want to achieve this year, I don't want my time and effort being dedicated to those actions.

To take action, I deleted the apps on my phone and got my best friend to change my passwords on my accounts.


  • Trying to convince others about what I'm working on (just do it instead)

  • Screen time (under 2-hours per day average)


Have you ever been held back on something you know you would enjoy because you were waiting for permission from someone else?

Here's what I did.

Dear Daniel,

I give you permission to work on the things you want to work on.



The new iPhone iOS has a setting which tells you how much time you spent on your phone in the past week. All of the work which I do that brings the most value is not done on a phone. Less screen time on my iPhone means more time to use elsewhere.

Continuing to cultivate

1. Staying healthy (sleep, food, movement, relationships)

2. Quality of work (educating and entertaining)

3. Long-term thinking (what action can I take now, to help me and others in 20-years time?)

4. Income streams (money isn't happiness but it does give you the freedom to spend your time how you want)


1. Health = life. Health is always first in any of my equations.

2. Keeping in line with my promise for 2019. You'll be able to find my work here, Medium, Quora, LinkedIn and YouTube. These are the platforms I'll be sticking to.

3. I played RuneScape religiously as a kid. My favourite skill was Farming. It wasn't like other skills where you gained points immediately. Instead, you planted a tree, came back 24-hours later and got a massive bonus. I want to apply this thinking to all of my life.

4. $100k online income. That's my number. That's what I'm going for. $275 a day. Making more money means I'll be able to reinvest it into building more long-term (and expensive) projects (see 3).

What are your goals/resolutions/themes/who knows for 2019? If you don't have any, which of mine do you disagree with? Send me an email, I'll reply.

PS I'm also going to be finishing off this list: 25 Things I’m Going To Do Before I Turn 26