Work in progress

I’m working on a longer form article. An introduction to exploratory data analysis to go along with the Code with Me video I did exploring the Kaggle Titanic dataset and the notebook code to go with it.

I’ve spent the past two days writing and and refining it.

I wanted to get it published today but it’s getting late and you know my thoughts on sleep. I work better when I sleep well.

In the past I’d have trouble walking away from something unless it’s done. But I’ve learned, especially with writing (and code) it pays to walk away, think about nothing for a while and then come back at it with a different pair of eyes.

The next time you look at it, you’ll see things you missed before. That’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning.

If you want to read it in the meantime, it’s in draft form on Medium. It needs some graphics and a little tidying but if you do read it, what would you change?