Over the holiday period I hit 4000 subscribers on YouTube.

Thank you all.

As you know, the number doesn’t mean much to me. I’d rather have 4000 people who are interested in what’s happening than 4,000,000 who are there because the crowd is.

To celebrate the milestone, I held a livestream answering your questions and sharing my curriculum for 2019.

As you’ll see in the video I focused on the questions more than the curriculum. The specific things I’m interested in learning might not be the same as you but we do have one thing in common. The hunger for knowledge.

My curriculum is heavily focused on the intersection of health and technology. How can we use technology more or use it less to help us live healthier lives? I think about this question ferociously.

Some of the questions I answered in the video include:

  • How to study something new

  • Where to learn the math required for machine learning

  • How to get an internship in data science (or any field)

  • The two main things you should be focused on when deciding what to study (hint: curiosity + practicality)

If you have anything on your mind I didn’t get to, send me an email.

Happy New Year.