No retakes

The phone rang. And rang. And rang a few more times. No answer.

The voicemail sounded. 'Leave a message after the beep.'


I left a message.

Then hung up. After I hung up I went to go back and listen to my message. I couldn't. It was on the other person's voicemail already.

'What if I didn't say something right?' I thought.

'What if it sounded weird?'

Too late. There are no retakes on voicemail. It's there.

There are plenty of times you'll walk away from something and think, 'I should've said that!'

Or worse, 'I wish I didn't say that...'.

Better more of the first than the second. But either way, all the worry in the world won't change it. It's done. Leave it (or fix it if you need to), learn from it, move on.