The four things that matter most | January 2019

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Hey everybody,

Happiest of New Years.

I read a tweet the other night.

‘Lifelong 2nd mom passed today at 5:40 pm. 2 yrs ago she was teaching aerobics % working full-time @ a local investment firm, went to a Dr. appt and learned cancer was in every major organ overnight. Hug your people.’

It hit me hard. How quickly things can change.

At the end of each year, my family and I go to an island not far from my home city. There’s not much to do on the island except sit around and be with each other and think.

Think about how the past year has gone and what the next one will hold.

2018 was incredible. If you asked 2017 me if half the things in 2018 would happen, I would’ve been hesitant.

I’ve got some ambitious goals for 2019. Some very specific, some general. But they each fit into a theme.

‘Subtract and 10x.’

Subtract the things that don’t matter and 10x the things that do.

Things that matter (to me):


I’m nothing without the people around me or without a healthy relationship with myself.


If you don’t have health, what else do you have? 

And as you read in the story above, this can change on a dime. So you might as well do your best to take care of it.


I was at the gym the other night with Dave.

‘Do you know how crazy I would be if I didn’t have things to work  on?’ I said.

‘I’m the same mate.’

My mission is to create to learn and learn to create. Making art for the sake of learning something and learning something for the sake of making art. There’s probably a beautiful Japanese word for this but I don’t know it.

Man needs a mission. Whatever it is. Having a mission gives you meaning. A spouse, a child, a business, an art project, improving your health, all of the above. It doesn’t matter. All valid.


Glass almost made it into my top 3 movies. Maybe it did. It’ll take another watch before I decide. If you haven’t seen it, you should see it. I cried during the ending.

I left the cinema in the stratosphere. I sent voice memos to 3 of my friends frothing about how much I loved it.

Why? Because nothing energises me more than a powerful story.

Experiences lead to stories.

That’s it. Everything else is up for debate. Everything else is getting subtracted.

The default is often more. More more more. But too many options leads to no options. If you’re confused on what to do next, try thinking less. Not more. Less but better.

Here’s a snapshot of some of my work over the past month.


- 4000 Subscriber Q&A [

‘How do I start learning data science?’
‘How do I get fit?’
‘How do you get an internship?’
‘How do you stay motivated when working on something?’

These are the kind of questions I answered in a recent live stream to celebrate 4000 YouTube subscribers. Thank you all for checking out my work.


- Six health hacks for getting and staying lean [article]*

1. There is no best diet (anything other than the standard)
2. Snacking is a myth
3. Be prepared (learn to cook)
4. Sleep (quantity and quality)
5. Build movement into your day
6. Break the rules, move on and get back to it

These are the six principles I use to stay lean and shredded year round.

I’m not interested in 8-week challenges. Or revolutionary supplements. Health is a long game. 80+ years not 8-weeks.

*Video version of the article coming to the channel later this week.


- A Gentle Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis [article]

Most of the machine learning model building I did during my AI Masters Degree was on prepared datasets. All I had to do was design the model and call the fit function.

After getting a role as a machine learning engineer, I found out data in the real world is pretty different.

I had to level up my exploratory data analysis skills fast. 

I'm still learning. But one of the ways I learn things best is if I write about it. So that's what I did.

I put together an article on how to take a dataset and explore it, explaining each of the steps along the way.

Read it here:

 - My YouTube Trailer for 2019 [video]

My brother is getting into making videos. He wanted to practice editing by making me a YouTube trailer.

And he did an epic job. Keep up the effort Sam.

It's got everything you can expect from my channel in 2019.

- Non-monetary forms of happiness [article]

These were fun to think about. And a good reminder.

Hug your people,


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