Smart phone, dumb time

We were at the dinner table.

"What did you work on today?" I asked.

"A few things, I didn't really have much time."

"What's a few things?"

"Well, I went out in the morning, then came home and we went to training, now it's now."

"Where did all the other hours go?"

"I don't know."

"Show me your screen time."

My brother pulled out his phone.

7.38 hours per day.

His eyes opened.

"I didn't know it was that much."

A week passed.

"What's your screentime now?" I asked.

"4.5 hours, down 48%."

"Good, you just gifted yourself a month and a half over the year."

I'm tough on my brothers. Living with me is probably hell sometimes.

But this one is easy. An easy way to get more time.

The photo below is my favourite achievement over the last week.


Because it means I had time to work on projects which matter to me.

Time to study data science and machine learning.

Time to write.

Time to sit around and do nothing.

If you need your phone, you need your phone.

But for the things I want to work on. I don't need it.

Most of the day it stays in a drawer (except 2FA codes...).

Want to gift yourself some time?

Reduce screentime (per day) by:

1-hour = save 15 days per year

2-hours = 30 days

3-hours = 45 days

Don't let your smartphone dumb down how you spend your time.