The long view

When Sears was at its peak much of their advertising was dedicated to merchandise on sale.

People saw Sears as the place that was always selling them something.

Then David Ogilvy persuaded them to try something different. He wrote them an advertisement which educated people on how to get their money back at Sears.

It was a full page article titled how you would imagine.

'How to get your money back at Sears'

It then discussed with a few paragraphs the process of returning an item to the company who was always trying to sell you something.

What effect did this have?

The ad went well. It led to more of the same. Instead of always trying to sell something, Sears became the store you wanted to go and visit.

Selling is important. It's everywhere. But too much yelling down someone's throat and eventually, they get tired of it.

Ogilvy's advertisement campaign didn't sell any more merchandise. It encouraged the opposite. It took the long view. The long view of sacrificing short-term gains for long-term reputation.