Praise the work you like to see

Instead of calling out where people are doing things wrong, perhaps you should emphasise the things they're doing right.

After all, everyone enjoys a good compliment. Especially if it's about the work they've done.

Below is a short list of some people I've found immense value from over the past the few years. It's by no means exhaustive or in any order. Only the handful of people who come to mind when I think of quality work.

Jeremy Howard - Jeremy develops the library, deep learning and machine learning courses. If you're into machine learning, data science or artificial intelligence, you should follow Jeremy.

Seth Godin - Seth is a genius. Not to mention of the best minds in the marketing world. His blog is one of the sources of inspiration for me doing a post a day.

James Altucher - If you want a brilliant storyteller, who educates on life, relationships, finance, business and almost every other skill you can imagine, James is your guy.

Derek Sivers - A few years ago I heard Derek talking on a podcast and have been a fan of his work ever since. His blog and views of the world are works of art.

DHH & Jason Fried - The founders of Signal v. Noise (an incredible blog on technology, business and life) and Basecamp (team collaboration software). I'm very much aligned with their views on life and work. They take the approach of 'work less but use the time well.'

If I think of more (there are plenty) I'll share them in a future post.