We got closer. Josh was on the skateboard and I was riding. You could see him walking along with no shoes. There was a little-LED light coming out from under his armpit. It was a speaker. There was sound coming out of it. He had it tucked under there whilst holding a guitar with his hands.

It was him and us. He was walking along playing to himself. If we weren't there, he would've been alone. Playing to an audience of zero.

Everywhere you go online you can find a metric about how many times something has been viewed or how many people have liked it.

The system works for helping great creations get seen by others but it's daunting for those who are starting out.

If you're sharing something online for the first time, it's unlikely you'll get 1,000,000 views. And unless it's a great piece of work, it's unlikely you'll even get 100 views. The same for any other metric you can think of.

A certain number can be a goal eventually but it's wise to avoid it when starting out. Make something with the goal of 0 views instead.

Like the guitarist in the story above, focus on making art for the fun of making art. You can’t get better at guitar if you don’t play. And sometimes you have to play for no one.

In the beginning, your only goal is to ship. This you can control, the metrics you can't.