30-minutes is all it takes

I watched a great short video tonight by Asad on Twitter.

You can go and watch it, otherwise I’ll summarise it here.

The main point was concentration.

Being able to focus on 1 thing for a minimum of 30-minutes puts you in front of a lot of other people.

Technology has damaged the attention spans of many.

Not everyone of course but the results are obvious. When was the last time you walked down the street or sat at a restaurant and didn’t see anyone with their head buried in their phone?

Being able to concentrate is always going to be a valuable skill.

What can you do?

Start with 30-minutes. Set a timer. Work on something hard. Work on something boring. Keep your phone in another room.

As you get better, increase the timer.

These tricks all help me work on my concentration. I’m still working on it.

Technology is supposed to enable life, not control it.