What did people do before alarms?

I have no idea how long alarm clocks have been around.

But what did people do before them?

If they had to be up early in the morning, what was the solution?

They probably wouldn’t stay up late.

They’d get to bed early and wake up with the sun.

Now the alarm clock helps us get out of bed at the right time. The buzzer goes off. You start slapping around and eventually turn it off.

I feel better in the morning without an alarm clock. I’m not against them, it is how it is.

The body knows how much sleep it needs.

There’s a lot of hype around sacrificing sleep to work more.

I’m not buying it. I’m sleeping when I need to sleep.

When I’m well rested, my work is better. My relationships are better. My health is better.

Sleep is the force-multiplier of life.

Tomorrow I’ve turned my alarm off.

I’m going to bed earlier instead.

Good night.