Fresh out of ideas

Sometimes you’ll be into something. And you’ll have no ideas.

None at all.

You’ll be working on what you need to work on but the thoughts aren’t flowing and you’re stuck at a crossroads and you want to figure it out but you can’t so you keep going and then there’s nothing and keep going and then still nothing.

What do you do?

You could keep going. Sometimes good code takes 100 lines of bad code.

Sometimes one good page takes 9 pages of bad writing.

Or you could take a break.

Sometimes 1 hour of good work takes 15-minutes of sitting down looking at nothing. Staring into the sky. Letting your thoughts come together.

If man could sit in a room and think for 20-minutes without doing anything else, no twitching, no looking at a phone, no watching TV, you know the rest, many more problems would be solved.