6 Tips to Keep Yourself From Getting Distracted Whilst Studying

Tomorrow happens.

I get up. I’m tired. I went to bed late. Distracted by my phone. Sophie was texting me.

Did she reply?

She didn’t. But there’s other red bubbles. More red bubbles. I tap one. Then another. I’ve been up for 46-minutes. I have no idea what I’ve done.

I decide that’s enough phone time for today. It goes in the drawer.


A) $1000/hour

If there was $1000 on the table, would you take it?

Yes of course, I would.

How about if someone else was at the table?

They turn to you.

Give me $1000.

Would you give to them?

I wouldn’t.

And if you wouldn’t either, why do you give away your time so easily?

Value your time at $1000 per hour.

“Would I pay $1000 per hour to do this?”

Study and education. Yes.

Random online internet surfing. No.

Seeing those people you knew 6-years ago buy a boat and go fishing with their new friends. No.

The list of things gets shorter real quick.


B) Keep the energy bar high

Tomorrow happens again.

My energy bar is already low.

Poor sleep and poor foods over the past couple of days have clogged everything.

My energy. Clogged.

My gut. Clogged.

My brain. Clogged.

How am I supposed to study whilst everything is clogged?

I decide I need to sleep more and eat better and begin at once.


C) What the hell am I doing?

A third tomorrow happens.

That’s three yesterdays with nothing. Three nothings.

But my energy bar is full today. My phone is away. I’m ready.

I sit down.

The void consumes me. There’s a pile of this and that and a stack of thoughts. I’m drowning in thoughts. Too much. What the hell am I doing?

I spend 17-minutes trying to decide. I figure it out. I put a few things down. Lost in thought but found in the words.

Math work.

Coding practice.


Yeah, that’s good. Three things, that’s enough.


D) Time it

Math work got done but none of the others.

I’m starting to get this starting to get the hang of things.

Math work was good. My energy bar was high. Top sleep and food does the trick.

It got me. Got me good. The math. I got lost. Lost in the patterns. I was on a roll. Connecting the dots. Playing.

I lost track of time. These things happen when you’re playing.

Next time I must put a time limit on each one. Not too much. But not too little I can’t do what I need to do.


E) Playing

I set up a timer. I want these things done. I’m getting better.

A full energy bar.

Valued time. $1000 per hour!

A list of things to do.

Look at me go!

The timer is running. 25-minutes of playing.

I learned it from the math study.

Work is playing. Studying is playing. I’ve convinced myself. They’re the same. It helps you know. It does.

I think if I can learn this and then that, I’m in a game, I can turn it into a game. Study becomes play.


F) Enough

All this time playing I finish exhausted. All of the list done. A depleted energy bar. Thousands of dollars of time and effort dedicated.

I lay in bed. Still intrigued. The best way to be. But I know I must rest. The sleep will help. Help me focus. Keep my energy bar up.

I can it enough. When I’ve reached it, I call it. I’ve done a good job today. There’s more to do though. There’s always more to do.

My list of what to do.

My timer to help with the list. $1000 per hour.

My full energy bar. The sleep and food. And the bending exercises.

My phone away.

These things will help.

I lay in bed. Still intrigued.

Tomorrow happens.

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