Be honest and adapt

No one starts out passionate about something. 

 ”I’m just not passionate about it.”

Have you tried it? 

If not. How do you know?

Passion comes before work in the dictionary but it’s the opposite in life. 

When I finished high school, the adults would say follow your passion and you’ll never work a day in your life. 

My passion at 17 was playing Xbox.

Anything but that. They’d say.

When I started playing Xbox I was bad. Real bad. Then I kept playing and got better. Our team was good, number 1 in Australia good. As I got better, I enjoyed it more. The passion developed.

Starting something new is hard. You’ll suck at it. And with the internet, it can seem like everyone else has already done really well. How come I’m not that good yet?

This is where honesty comes in. Being honest with yourself about what you’re going to do. Honest with yourself about what you want to do. Being honest with yourself about being bad at something.

When I tried something other than Xbox I wanted to keep it a secret. What if people figure out I’m not good at it?

I didn’t tell anyone I was failing university. I wasn’t good at it. Two years and my marks sucked. 


I could write plenty of reasons but none of them are good. 

I wasn’t being honest with myself. Honest with myself about what I wanted to do.  But sometimes it takes being bad at something for a while to realise it’s not for you.

Onto the next thing. Something I was into. And I got better. My marks improved. Another passion started to be born.

Honesty comes after adaptation in the dictionary but it’s the opposite in real life. 

The more honest you are with yourself, the more you’ll adapt.