The Unshakable Adventuring Spirit

I picked up 3 hitchhikers today. 

Angelica from Poland was heading from Lake Te Anau to a hiking track. She moved from Poland to the US after meeting her husband on a Summer trip of climbing. She’s excited to go back to school in September to study International Business.

Ludo from France is wrapping up a 6-month stay in Australia with a couple weeks hiking around New Zealand. We met on a cruise boat through Milford Sound.

”I’m heading to Queenstown later today,” I said.

 ”Me too.”

 ”Want a ride?”


On the way off the cruise Joey from Holland started talking to Ludo. They talked about each other’s backpacks. These big gear carriers with zips and pockets everywhere.

 ”Where are you heading?”


”So are we, want a ride?” 

”Yeah man!” 

Queenstown is 4-hours from Milford Sound. We stopped on the way to eat bananas, apples and nuts.  The stereo was broken so we shared stories and looked out the window to pass the time.

Joey, Ludo and I went for burgers tonight. Ludo and I are sharing a room. Room number 4 at the lodge. 10-minutes up the hill.

3 different hitchhikers from 3 different countries all with different stories.

The one thing in common?

An unshakable adventuring spirit.