When a fire starts to burn (workout)

After walking around Queenstown all day Ludo and I decided to do a workout. He’s studying sports science and I’m into health so we’ve had plenty to talk about movement, the body and different kinds of training.

We started playing When a Fire Starts to Burn by Disclosure as pump up music.

Then we got into it. 

All these require are your body and about 20-minutes. 

1. 30 burpees no rest

Burpees get the whole body moving. To the ground, push up, up to your feet, jump reaching hands in the air and then back down to the ground. Do 30 straight as quick as you can with minimal rest. Your fire will be starting to burn after these.

2. 100 Push ups, 50 dips

We did 20 push ups on the ground then 10 tricep dips on the picnic table then 30-seconds rest. And repeated it 5-times to get the totals. 

This will have your upper body ignited. Mix the sets of push ups by doing one set slow and the next fast. 

By set 3 I got to 11 push ups before I had to stop. Rest when you need but keep the rest time between sets short. We’re trying to keep the fire alive here.

3. 10 hill sprints

Find a steep hill. Then run 40 metres up it and walk back down to where you started. As soon as you hit where you started, sprint back to the 40 metre mark. 

If you don’t have a hill, stairs or flat ground works as well as long as you’re sprinting. 

By number 7 your fire will be burning.

Movements don’t have to be completed. Get your heart rate up. Keep it there for a while.

After the workout, we went for a 20-minute walk for warm down.

Dinner was chicken, spice, potatoes, onions, mushrooms and broccoli all mixed together in a pan. 

Bonus points if you listen to the song to get started. The film clip is worth a watch.