The role of a man

In the first episode of Vikings, Ragnar turns to his son and asks.

“What is the role of a man?”

“To fight and to take care of his family.”

“Good boy.”

The boy is young. But he knows. He keeps it simple.

Vikings is a TV show. Based on a period in history where swords and axes were the weapons of choice. And issues were settled with combat. Not so much anymore.

It’s unlikely you’ll ever have to fight someone with a sword. We’re blessed in a world where the requirements for survival are met for many.

But you still have to fight.

Fight the voice in your head holding you back from being who you want to be.

Fight the voices of others telling you who you should be.

Fight the fears preventing you from doing the work you know you can do.

Fight for the change you want to see in the world. 

And you still have to look after your family.

Your immediate family.

Your friends.

Your community.

Vikings may not sail the seas anymore. They’ve been lost in time. But the fight(s) never end(s). And your tribe needs a leader.