Slow learning, fast

‘Will this guarantee me a role in machine learning?’

‘If I do these courses, will I be job ready?’

‘Are these courses accepted by the industry?’

I responded to some emails this morning asking these questions.

My content may seem as though everything happens fast.

It’s wrong. What gets published is a fraction of what happens in real life.

Learning things takes time. A 10-minute video is often a highlight reel of a week’s worth of effort.

A single article may describe a month worth of different lessons.

One principle I try to follow is to always invest in my myself. Someone smarter than me told me you never go wrong investing in yourself.

When I get up in the morning and I don’t feel like working on the things I have to work on, I ask myself, ‘what’s the alternative?’ Most of the time I know the answer. The alternative to studying is not studying. And that won’t help me learn what I need to learn.

I have to remind myself learning is hard. It’s supposed to be hard. Hard is good. Hard is fun. If everything was too easy, we’d get bored.

Industry will have different opinions on what courses are valid. No role is ever guaranteed. And no course will ever 100% prepare you for a job. But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost.

You can keep building your skills. Skills are more important  than certificates.

You can move fast in the short-term but be patient in the long-term. This means working what you need to work on day in day out and letting it accumulate over time.

You can communicate your skills as a form of validation. Learned something? Prove it by showing your work. People love seeing what others have done. And the ones who don’t are not the ones you’re worried about anyway.

The only thing that’s guaranteed?

Learning never stops.