​A lot can change in a year

Days are short. You wake up, go the toilet, have breakfast, shower, brush teeth, go to work, have lunch, work some more, get on the train home, stare out the window, think about the thing, get home, have dinner, talk to loved ones, don’t talk to loved ones, brush teeth, sleep. Then tomorrow happens, go the toilet, breakfast, teeth, work, lunch, work, train, dinner, talk, teeth, sleep.

String a few days together and you’ve got a week. Weekends never seem to last long enough. Wednesday comes and it’s the middle. Then it’s Wednesday again.

A few weeks make a month. A month is good amount of time. You could start something at the start of the month, work on a little, today, tomorrow, the next day. By the end of the month it’s something worth showing. Something you’re proud of. But then you look back. You realise each hour you put in on those days was something to be proud of too. Each little bit. All things to be proud of.

One month, two months, three. A few more and you’ve got a year. Now all those months, all those days, all those weeks don’t seem like much. Has it really been a year? Yes. All those things happened in the past 365 days. Really? That fast? Yes. And as you get older, they get faster.

A year is a really long time for a 3 year old. It’s a third of their life. But a year for 20 year old is only 5%, get to 65 and it’s 1.5%.

This time last year, I was starting an internship as a machine learning engineer. The year before that I didn’t have a job and was studying every day in my bedroom.

Am I special? No. My talent is showing up every day. Most of my effort is dedicated to getting out my own way. We all hold ourselves back. Old thoughts. Old memories. Old ways of thinking. Old voices. But a ship isn’t guided by its wake. And the tail doesn’t wag the dog.

Where do you want to be next year? Don’t hold back. It can be that. It can be the thing you’ve been thinking about. Thinking about since you can remember. Got it?

Good. Write it down.

Now get out of your own way.