Packing light

Cars are nice.

Jet skis are fun. Really fun.

But I can fit most of what I need to do the things I need to do in a backpack.

I’m heading to New Zealand today. I’ve got a Jiu Jitsu tournament tomorrow and then I’m getting a van for a week and going to do a lap of the country.

Travelling reminds me of how little I need and of what matters.

Need is a strong word though. Thinking about what’s in my bag, a laptop, an iPad, a notepad, a book, a camera, some clothes. I really only need the last one. The rest allows me to do the work I enjoy but people have lived for far longer without these things than with them.

What matters then?

Health, relationships, meaning.

That’s my list. I tried to make it longer but it doesn’t need to be.

Health enables you to do the things which give you meaning. And relationships are hard work sometimes but the good ones are always worth it. The couple next to me are holding hands. Worth it.

This is my list though. Maybe yours is different. It’s worth thinking about.

Every time I deviate from it, the drone of life starts drumming up. Every day becomes a battle.

Get sick and you realise how much you take being healthy for granted.

Watch a close relationship start to fade away (not always a bad thing) and you realise how much one person can influence you.

Having no meaning makes it really hard to get up in the morning.

These things won’t always be optimal either. But it helps to use them as a reminder. A reminder I have 100 energy points per day to use. Where are they going to go? Sometimes health will need 90 points and the others miss out. Other days mission needs 30, health needs 30 and relationships needs 30 with 10 to spare.

When you overpack for travelling, you have the burden of carrying around extra gear. Overpacking for life is no different.

‘Do you have any checked-baggage?’

‘Only carryon.’