What pencil do you use?

Stephen King was at a book fair. 

He was talking about the process of writing. If you don’t know Stephen King, he’s published a few (many) books. And a few (many) of them are bestsellers.

When he finished his talk, he started to take questions. 

Someone asked, ‘What pencil do you use?’.

Stephen told them. But it wouldn’t matter what kind of pencil. The pencil itself doesn’t write the words. It could’ve been a special pen. The words still wouldn’t write themselves. 

Maybe great books have been typed on a typewriter or started as scribble on a legal pad.

Having the right tools helps you create your art. Having better tools may help you make better art.

But it’s unlikely you can’t get started with what you have right now. Don’t let claiming you don’t the best tools prevent you from starting.