​The disciplined pursuit of less

I was talking to a friend last night about the pillars of physical health, sleep, movement and nutrition. I was telling him about my philosophy.

Sleep and nutrition are the top two. Movement and exercise are next. Exercise is great but movement first. If you have the option to get adequate sleep or wake up early and exercise, get adequate sleep.


Yeah. Sleep and nutrition are the force multipliers of life.

We kept talking a little longer. We started getting onto the topic of things we appreciate. Speaking old and wise. 25 and 29 knowing the lessons of life.

As you get older your circle starts to get smaller. If you’re doing it right the amount of things you care and appreciate get smaller. Relationships and health at the top, other things tiered below.

So where does less come in?

And why disciplined?

If you take care of the top two, relationships and health, you have the fill the rest of your time with something else. Life is short and there are many things. But if you want to do any of them well, they require time. Time and effort. This kind of skin in the game requires discipline. The ability to commit to something and deliver it.


That’s easy. And hard. Why? Because there’s always more things. But to master a few, you have to get rid of the rest. Less but better.