Skills not certifications

Our coach came round. He got to Josh and started speaking.

You know you get those people who haven’t exercised much since high school but they still come down and get into it. Then you have those people who can just go and go and go.

He pointed to Josh. Then to me. Then spoke.

These two.

My brother Josh, Dave and I got our first grading at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu yesterday. A white tip on our white belts. A first step of many to come.

A few others got new coloured belts. Jax went from blue to purple. Another went from white to blue.

The white tip is a symbol of progression. But it isn’t what we’re after. We’re after skills. The skill of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The skill of going up against someone and using what you’ve learned to submit them or prevent them from submitting you.

More accolades can be tempting. But don’t mistake them for skills. That’s what you’re after. Not a stack of certifications.