The mistake of reading too much

Learning is fun. It can seem like its the way to keep going. To read more, to learn more. To keep learning.

But knowledge is useless is it’s not applied. You can read all you want but until you use the knowledge you’ve been acquiring it’s not helpful to anyone.

Once you’ve made the decision to learn something, your next most important move is to use it.

A negative of continually reading and accumulating knowledge is it can hold you back. It’s counterintuitive. But eventually you become your own worst enemy. You know too much. Now you hold yourself back because you know all of the potential outcomes of your next venture. The good and the bad.

The good outcomes seem great. The stuff your dreams are made of. But they quickly get brought back to Earth by the potential bad outcomes.

Then there’s the other mistake. The mistake of doing without reading, doing without learning. When you push to far in one direction without educating yourself about the path ahead.

Knowing of the balance between learning and doing is dangerous too. Because you stop and wonder if you’re learning enough, or are you doing enough? Should you spend more time doing or more time learning?

You’re spinning in circles. Between reading between learning between doing between learning and doing. Each require each other to exist.

What’s the answer?

It’s easy to say find the right balance. Find the right balance can be said about anything.

What then?

You have to combine ignorance and arrogance.

Be aware but ignorant towards the potential pitfalls. To do this requires arrogance.


Because everyone (including you, mostly you) will be saying things trying to prevent you from ignoring the potential bad outcomes. Listening to them may prevent you from failing but it also prevents you from winning.

What’s the worst that can happen?

The thing you dreamed of trying to do didn’t work out? No worries. You just did both. You learned and you did.

Now you’ve got a story to share. And people will read about it.