The Industrial Bin Diver

I needed this.

Tim was telling me how he spent an hour and a half walking around with a guy who dives into industrial bins.

I was making coffee.

I needed this. I heard him but he said it again.

What happened?

Me and this guy were walking around the city last night. I came out of gym at 11:30 and saw him and he saw me and we started talking.

Tim kept going.

He was dressed in high vis. He said people don’t get suspicious if you’re dressed in high vis. And he had this table with him and a book shelf. It was a nice table.

I spoke.

What? How’d he get them?

Tim held his hands up to show the shape of a table.

This guy said people just throw this stuff out. If a building orders the wrong size, they throw it out. It’s all new stuff but they just get rid of it.

He put his hands down. I started speaking.

Wait, he goes through different industrial bins looking for stuff?

Yeah, his van had boxes of screws, bolts, all kinds of things. We were talking for about an hour but then it turned a bit kooky. So I went home.

That’s incredible.

We both chuckled.

The coffee was ready. The stuff with the mushrooms. It’s supposed to improve focus. I like the name of it. Lion’s mane. That’s the mushroom.

We picked up our coffees and went back to our desks. Starting the morning with coffee and laughter is a good way to start the day. Coffee and laughter.

The guy diving dumpsters taught me something. I didn’t even meet him. That’s the power of stories. Some people get rid of things others find valuable. The idea of worth is different from person to person. What I find valuable might be worthless to someone else. What the builders threw into the bins was worthless to them. It didn’t fit. But this guy is making a living off it.

It doesn’t mean you should start looking in other peoples bins. Maybe that’s illegal. If you do start, you can figure it out. But it means your value systems don’t have to align to everyone else's.

You can take the best from each and create your own.

When you’ll do you’ll realise you’ve made the right choice.

You’ll think.

I needed this.