Inspired or jealous?

I used to get jealous when I saw other people doing well. 

I’d see someone doing something great, something better than me.

Why aren’t I that good? 

Why don’t I have that thing?

Why not me? 

Me me me me. 

Envy sucks. It doesn’t accomplish anything.

A part of me still does. Sometimes. I have to remind myself. 

Seeing others do well can be used as fuel.

No more why not me. 

More, wow, that’s incredible. Then I’d let the fire start burning. Burning with ambition. 

Burning with belief. The first half of achieving anything is having a belief.

Every time you see someone doing well, you’ve got a choice. Be jealous or be inspired. 

Being jealous hurts you. But being inspired has the potential to help. Help you and others.