​What are you thinking?

Can you write it down?

Can you communicate it to someone else?

We’re wired to skip between thoughts. Things which make sense to us make sense to us because our brains jump from one thought to another. But when we try and tell someone else about it, since they don’t have our brains, they have a hard time understanding it.

So learn to write.

Learn to write your thoughts down. Learn to communicate them in a way others can understand.

Write three versions of it. One you’d use to explain to someone who knew as much as you about it, one to explain to someone who knows half as much as you about it and one to explain it to someone who doesn’t know anything about it.

Pitching your product or service? You could use the three sentence framework and build on it.

1. Did you know?

2. Well we...

3. In fact...

How does it look in practice?

Did you know 50% of cab rides are overpriced?

Well we give you the price of the ride before you book it.

In fact, people using our service can book a ride whenever they need and save a minimum of 20%.

Can you guess?

If you guessed Uber, you’re right. The figures are made up but you see where it’s useful. Now someone knows what you do and what the benefits of using your service are.

You’re probably thinking, “but I don’t need to pitch anything”. But you do have ideas don’t you? And you’d like to see something come of those ideas right?

Most of the time they won’t get implemented and it won’t be because of a technical problem or something of the nature. It will be from a communication problem.

The change you’re trying to make depends on you being able to communicate what you’re thinking.

Write about it.