11 fitness tips which will make you healthier

  1. Sleep and nutrition first, exercise second. You can never out-exercise poor eating or sleeping. If you have a choice between losing sleep and working out more or getting sleep and working out less, choose sleep.

  2. Movement not exercise. The healthiest people in the world don’t have gym memberships. What do they do? They move.

  3. Mobility will save you. Some of the most muscular people in the gym can’t touch their toes and have constant shoulder pain due to poor movement patterns. Don’t be this person. Practice mobility as much as muscle.

  4. Fitness like finances. You’ve heard it. When you’re young health comes easier. Maintain it. It’s far harder to start moving at 57 than 27. No one wants to be the parent who can’t run around or pick up their kids.

  5. Fuck your phone off. Instagram is great for education, the internet is great for finding posts like these but they shouldn’t get in the way of your workouts. Most people’s 45-minute workout would be 15-minutes if they left their phone in the car.

  6. Food not supplements. If it requires an advertisement, you don’t need it. If it has more than 1 ingredient, you don’t need it. Bright labels with a list of ingredients you don’t understand don’t equal health.

  7. Hunger not habit. Your weight problems come from abundance. You don’t need to eat as often as you think. Eat when you’re hungry, not out of habit.

  8. Sweat helps. Before I wrote this I didn’t want to move. But I had to. I wanted to see a friend. Then I wanted to write. Then I wanted dinner. 25 kettle-bell swings in and the sweat started. Then I didn’t want to stop.

  9. Run. Every man should be able to run at least a mile at 80% of their sprinting speed. If you can’t, change it. “I don’t do cardio.” Don’t be a fool.

  10. Stay lean. A healthy human is a lean and muscular human. You don’t need the extra flab to build muscle. If you’ve got it, use the above to get rid of it.

  11. Forge your own path. Take the best from dummies like me and remix it into your own definition of fitness. My views are biased by what I’m into. Yours should be the same.

Source: https://qr.ae/TWhzPd