Growing, apart

Facebook was the thing to be on in year 12. If you weren’t on it, you were an outsider. It went from “what’s your phone number?” to “add me on Facebook.” That was 9-years ago. And the trend continues. 2 billion people are on some kind of Facebook owned service, Messenger, Whatsapp or Instagram.

People who once couldn’t connect with each other can now connect with each other.

But what about the people you’re already connected with? Now there’s an extra layer.

I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a year or so today. She told me stories of her new job, I shared stories of what I’ve been up to. I had a new haircut she asked me about.

There was plenty to talk about. Would it have been the same before I left Facebook’s services?

When I had people I knew on there, we’d see what each other was up to. We’d get the highlights without talking to each other. Was that enough?

I left Facebook over a year ago and the rest at the start of the year.

Now I run into people I haven’t seen and we have to ask each other questions. How’s your family? How did that interview go? Did you end up going on that trip?

Growing apart is healthy. The stronger relationships survive and the weaker ones perish.