​Dancing with the darkness

That’s where you need to go. Where you can’t see. Where you can’t hear. Where you don’t know where you are.

But you can feel it. You know it’s there, it’s always there.

The shadow. The pinch in your side, the twist in your gut the thought in the back of your mind.

It’s always there. The shadow.

The first thought avoid. Avoid avoid avoid. Stay away go towards the light that’s where I like it that’s where it’s safe that’s where I like it.

I must go. Avoid get out. No more.

Time with the shadow is hard. You figure out what you don’t know the shadow shows you where you’re weak.

We’ve all got it. We’ve all got the darkness. It’s bad you hear. It’s bad they say. It’s bad stay away from the negative. Stick to the positive they say. Avoid the bad. Avoid the shadow.


It’s always there. Right there. Right here. You can’t I can’t. Always. In my side in my gut in my heart wanting to sing wanting to play wanting to be seen.

Avoid they say. Avoid the negative. Go for comfort. Ah that’s better. Sitting in the light. Staying in the known. Ahhh much better.

The shadow isn’t evil. It wants the best, knows what’s best, it’s seen what you can’t, its seen the unseen. It lives there.

You can see truth in the light but only by going through the darkness to get there.

You’ve heard it. It’s the stories you’ve always known. The fairy tales. The ordinary man battles the evil, battles the darkness and becomes the hero. The darkness becomes his greatest teacher.

Not through avoidance, by entering it. By dancing with it. By recognising the unseen. By letting go of the light by killing the old version of himself. Man no more. A hero forever.

The stories use the wrong word. Evil.

How could such a great teacher be evil?

Every man has the choice. Consume or be consumed. Join forces or forever be in battle. There’s nothing more exhausting than constant conflict. And no greater source of power than the shadow.

Battling the darkness is work.

Dancing with it is play.

Move your feet.