The power of a good conversation

George and I were walking along the pier. I started speaking.

Walking along the water is very nostalgic to me. I remember family trips with the water lapping up.

We kept walking. Talking and walking. His business is growing. He’s taking it step by step. He’s going to Greece soon. Time away to think about the long-term.

We went and got coffee and spoke about taxes. When you become a business there’s some rule about paying 30% of taxes. I don’t know much about taxes so I asked a lot of questions. Then it was time to go.

On Tuesday I was sitting at the coffee shop. A girl with blonde hair was to my left and a girl with brown hair and an English accent was sitting opposite. They were talking about their travels about dates they’d been on. There was this one guy, she’d known him for ages but it wasn’t like that. I was writing a great blog post by hand. The words were really happening.

The girl with the brown hair was cute. We made eye contact here and there. I kept writing. Maybe she’ll see me writing and ask me what I’m writing. Please ask me what I’m writing. I’d tell her. A blog post. I’m writing a great blog post.

I was thinking about a costume to wear to the gold theme party on Friday. Thinking and writing. I could go as Goldmember, the one from Austin Powers. Then the girl with the brown hair started talking about Goldmember. Did she read my mind? Please ask me what I’m writing.

She didn’t ask.

I finished my blog post. I typed it up and edited it. Then I packed away my notebook. It was time to go. But those eyes. The tan skin. The accent. I had no other option. The blonde girl started talking about my university. I joined in.

Yeah, but the sandstone is great.

She spoke.

Did you go there?

Yeah, for five years, I failed the first two.

What do you do now?

I have my own business, I write articles and make things online.

Oh cool, good to see things turn out.

Are you deciding to go to university?

Yeah, I’m thinking about it, I’ve got a few different options.


The conversation went on, not much.

I turned to the brown haired girl and spoke. What are you doing here?

She spoke.

What do you mean?

Are you travelling or studying or?

I’ve got dual citizenship so I can stay here but I’m really doing things day by day.

I smiled. In my head I smiled too. Dual citizenship means she can stay here. She’s cute. Please ask me what I’m writing.

We talked for a bit more. About 5-year plans, about 10-year plans. What a waste of time. I wouldn’t let my 15-year-old self make decisions for me now. I’m way smarter than him.

It was time for me to go. I slipped my arm through my bag and did the same with the other one and got up.

I’m Daniel. I reached my hand out.

The brown haired girl grabbed my hand and spoke.


Tatum? That’s a pretty name.

Yeah, it’s my actual name. She smiled. I felt it.

Nice to meet you too.

The blonde haired girl grabbed my hand.


I walked out, almost. Forgot to pay. I turned around and paid. Then walked out. I felt good. Tatum. That’s a pretty name.

She didn’t ask.

Some people get energy from talking. Some people avoid it.

When you have a conversation with the right person you feel it. You feel the energy. You’re sharing it. They’re sharing it.

It becomes more than the sum of its parts.

I felt it. With George. With Tatum. I could get by for a week on a good conversation. This week I’ve had two.