Good competition

There’s a cafe at the mall which has people lining up all the time.

Archer Speciality Coffee. They’ve got a big blue machine and the young staff are all polite and experts at their craft. Making coffee.

That’s why people keep coming back.

Until recently, they were the only coffee shop in their section of the mall. Another opened up two weeks ago.

We were there on Sunday and went to Archer. It was early so they weren’t open. The other shop was open. Had the signs out and everything.

Archer had a line up even though the doors were closed. People were waiting for them to open. Including us.

The other coffee shop had no one there. All empty seats.

That part of the mall is packed with other restaurants. They each have their own style.

The restaurants compete with each other but also help each other by letting people know they’re in the food section of the mall.

Opening a coffee shop next to Archer was a brave move. I hope they do well. But I have a feeling they’ll need to change something.


Because Archer owns the coffee market. Even when the new store was open and ready to serve, people still lined up.

A coffee shop being in the food court makes sense, but too many doesn’t. Especially when you’re going up against Archer.

Good competition drives more business to everyone else. Like having all the restaurants in one section of the mall.

Bad competition means going into a battle where only one can win.