3 Skills Which Aren’t Going Away

The world is obsessed with new, but you don’t have to be.

You can differentiate yourself by thinking about what’s going to stay the same.

What then?

  1. Persuasive writing. It doesn’t what the change you’re trying to make is, if you can’t explain it so others can understand, it won’t happen. Persuasive writing is a two wins, no loses scenario. The best case, you learn how to write and now you can apply this to any other skill. The worst case, you now know how to tell stories. Keep them clear and simple. Simple gets remembered.

  2. Nutrition. Food is energy. Energy is required for life. Everyone has their own unique way of eating. Technology hasn’t yet figured it yet so you’re going to have to figure it out for yourself. Start by cooking your own food. Not only will it benefit you, it’ll benefit those close to you who eat it. If you have children, they need good food too.

  3. Fitness. This doesn’t mean having a gym membership, sipping protein shakes and signing up to 8-week challenges. It means taking care of your joints, moving your muscles, getting adequate sleep and knowing how to recovery from an injury. Doing these things also contribute to maximising energy.

Without energy, nothing happens. Without a convincing message, nothing happens. 2 and 3 could be put together as a package deal under health but we’ll keep them how they are.

But Daniel, you’re into writing, nutrition and fitness? Aren’t these biased by your skills?

You’re right, I am and the title of this post is why.