25 Principles of Human Behaviour

I turned 25 yesterday. I said I was going to write two posts for it. This is the second.

Last year, I wrote some algorithms which I live by. I love those kinds of posts. Reading and writing them.

Principles are exceptional value for money. A few words can lead to a lifetime of easier decision making.

Stuck at a crossroad in life? You can refer back to your principles for help.

I've listed 25 here. There could be hundreds more. But 25 is enough for now.

1. Having guts always works out.

2. Being truthful always works out.

3. No one can be you better than you.

4. Doing the things you set out to do feels good.

5. Promote what you love rather than bashing what you hate.

6. The better you get at something the more you'll enjoy it.

7. Material goods are cool at first but the novelty quickly wears off. Chase experiences instead.

8. No one really cares if you fail, except you.

9. Spending time with people who are interested in what you are is energising.

10. Most days will end with you back in a comfortable bed. What's the worry?

11. Worrying causes more problems than it solves.

12. Laugh at yourself often.

13. Happiness is like the tide. It won't always be up. Continue sailing anyway.

14. Give praise more often than disagreement.

15. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all.

16. Health first.

17. You're not the only one.

18. Love is a much cleaner fuel source than hate.

19. A ship is not guided by its wake. Neither do you have to live according to your past.

20. A 20-minute walk solves many of life’s problems.

21. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

22. Life becomes easier when you treat everything as play.

23. It’s okay if you don’t know something. Go and find out.

24. Learning stops when your heart does.

25. If in doubt, go harder.